Hopefully this will answer some of our most commonly asked questions.

Unfortunately there is not a “one-size-fits-all” method and there are a few variables that determine which print method is most suitable i.e. order qty, number of colours, design placement, product type etc.

But don’t worry, we’ll always recommend the method which suits your requirements and your budget.

As many colours as there are in the rainbow!

Well, more actually… because we can also offer metallics, flouro’s, glow-in-the-dark, Pantone’s, reflective, glitter… and more!

Absolutely! We recommend that you follow the garment care instructions for maximum print longevity.

Print method longevity is rated by the amount of “washes” the print will last – and each print method has a different durability. All of our prints have a minimum of 50-100+ washes and some will actually last longer than the garment itself! 50 washes might not sound like a lot, but that’s a year at one wash per week.

We prefer to use apparel from our trusted suppliers, as we can guarantee the print quality, durability and longevity. But if we don’t offer what you need or you have something particular in mind, we’re always interested in trying something new!

Of course! We offer a couple of print methods which allow for custom colour inks.

You will receive a size guide with your order approval. If you’re still unsure about the sizes, just compare the measurements to a garment you own. We won’t start production until you have confirmed the sizes.

We deliver Australia wide. For more info check out our Shipping Info page.

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